2010-2012 V6 Mustang OEM Style Fog Light Kit / SKP-3500



EVERYTHING you need to outfit your V6 Mustang with an OEM-style fog light kit!

GT Mustang’s came standard with fog lights, but the V6 did not. Our Mustang fog light kit includes everything you need to
equip your vehicle with fog lights. This kit is specifically designed for your 2010-2012 V6 Mustang. The fog lights used are
the same style used on the 2010, 2011 and 2012 Mustang V6 Pony Package.

Features and Benefits:

      •  A similar kit from Ford costs over $800. Our wiring harness is superior to Ford’s in that it requires no cutting of
        factory wires! In addition, your fog lights will not shut off when the high beams are activated.
      • Unlike other products on the market, our kit requires no drilling and includes an OEM Ford head light/ fog light
        switch that replaces your factory headlamp switch!
      • The OEM Ford switch included replaces your factory switch and gives your vehicle the Auto Headlamps feature.
        Auto Headlamps uses a sensor already installed in your car to automatically turn your head lights ON and OFF based
        on the light conditions outside (when enabled with switch).
      • You don’t need to purchase anything else. Lamps, bulbs, wiring, switch, and hardware are all included. This kit is
        specifically designed to fit the V6 4.0L and 3.7L Mustang and gives a clean, factory look without the need to replace
        the bumper.
      • No other kit on the market uses higher quality materials than Starkey Products. Our kit was designed to last the life of
        the car, not just 1-2 years. While it is more costly, it insures a seamless experience for you.
      • Installation is straight-forward. Most installations take about 1-2 hours. A detailed step-by-step instruction manual
        with pictures is included. Technical support is available should you have any questions.

What our kit includes:

    • Fog lights and bulbs.
    • Bezels for vehicles with fog lights.
    • OEM head light/ fog light switch with Auto Headlamps feature.
    • High quality wiring harness with relay and fuses.
    • Mounting hardware.
    • Detailed 5 page installation manual.
    • 5 Year Limited Warranty.

Additional information

Weight4 lbs
Dimensions10 × 10 × 5 in


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